FormaBonita Membership Program

Why become a registered customer in FormaBonita's club? Registered customers of FormaBonita enjoy a variety of benefits and tools exclusive to club members!

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FormaBonita Club members enjoy an advanced user interface, easy and convenient to use, providing them with access and the ability to perform a variety of actions independently.

This includes accumulating points and converting them into discount coupons on the website, saving designs and editing them again even after leaving the site, tracking orders, self-service returns, monitoring and viewing the entire order history, and a wide range of other options.

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FormaBonita Club Loyalty Program: Earn and Redeem Points!

As a member, you can earn points and redeem them for benefits like cash coupons and discounts. Here's a quick guide to get you started:

Joining the Club:
Sign up for an account and navigate to the 'Rewards' tab in your profile

Earning Points:
Explore the different plans available in this tab. Each plan offers a unique way to earn points at varying rates.

Redeeming Points:
Once you've accumulated points, head to this section. Choose from a variety of benefits like cash coupons or discounts to redeem your points.

Reward List & Points History:
Reward List: This section keeps track of all your earned benefits and coupons. You can redeem them whenever you're ready.
Points History: Track your point-earning activities and past redemptions here.

Understanding Points:
Think of points as virtual money. You can 'Buy' with them perks & coupons listed in the "Reward List" section.

Types of Plans:
We offer both fixed and one-time plans for earning points. For example, following us on Instagram gives you a one-time bonus of 80 points!

Updates and Reminders:

We update our plans and the "Reward List" every four months. You'll receive a notification one month in advance, followed by a one-week reminder before the reset. This ensures you're always aware of new ways to earn and redeem points.

Join our Club today and start earning!