Personalized Mirror LED Light - Home Decor Personalized Mirror LED Light - Home Decor
Personalized Mirror LED Light $27.00
Paint Your World with Light: A Personalized Mirror for Every MoodWant a mirror that goes beyond reflecting your image? Look no further! This customizable LED mirror lets you personalize it with colors and designs, transforming it into a masterpiece that adds a touch of magic to any room.Choose your experience: Affirmation Mirror: Bathe your mornings in positivity with a motivational quote illuminated in your favorite color and your name. Couples Name Mirror: Light up your love story with a custom mirror featuring both your names, glowing in a romantic hue. Family Tree Mirror: Showcase your family's names with a personalized design, accented with colors that reflect your family's spirit. Photo Color Mirror: Add a custom text directly into your mirror and watch it glow in a stunning colorful lights Mirror with Custom Text and Images: Let your creativity shine and design your own masterpiece, add a custom photo and a personal messages to it.Here's Why You'll Love it: Endless Customization: With a variety of personalization options and a spectrum of LED light colors to choose from, you can create a mirror that's truly one-of-a-kind. Set the Mood: Adjust the light color to create a calming atmosphere, an energizing space, or anything in between. The Perfect Gift: This unique and personalized present is sure to light up anyone's day. Multi-Functional: Use it as a mirror, a nightlight, or a dazzling piece of wall art. Safe & Easy to Use: Made from shatterproof acrylic and powered by USB cable, this mirror is safe for use in any room.Customizable LED Glow: Fashionable and Simple: Seamlessly blends into any decor style, adding a touch of modern elegance to your space. Picture-Perfect Color: Choose from a spectrum of colors (including red, blue, green, and more) to match your mood or room ambiance effortlessly.Glow Feature: Illuminate your space with a gentle, soothing glow, creating a serene atmosphere for relaxation and reflection.Features: Personalized LED mirror light for bedroom Customizable with name, photo, or text Ideal for Christmas, Valentine's Day, weddings, and gifts Fashionable and simple design Features glow effect Available in different sizes Battery operated for convenience Includes remote control for easy operation Technical Details: Material: Acrylic Size: 50x25CM Light Color: Multicolor, adjustable  Style: Modern and Sleek Power Source: USB Cable  Light Source: LED Remote Control Included Perfect for: Bedrooms (set a calming mood before bed) Bathrooms (create a spa-like atmosphere) Entryways (make a dazzling first impression) Living Rooms (add a touch of personality) Dressing Rooms (light up your style) Gifts for any occasion: Birthdays, Holidays, Weddings, Anniversaries
Do it Yourself: Crystal Nightlight Speaker - Bluetooth Speakers Do it Yourself: Crystal Nightlight Speaker - Bluetooth Speakers
Do it Yourself: Crystal Nig... from $12.00 $45.00
Unite soothing light, captivating music, and personalized art in one stunning device. Unlike ordinary night lights, this one lets you be the artist! Fill the crystal glass with trinkets, figurines, or dried flowers to craft a one-of-a-kind centerpiece that speaks to you. Here's Why You'll Love it: Dual Functionality: This 2-in-1 gadget combines a mesmerizing crystal light with a high-quality Bluetooth speaker. Fill your space with calming light and your favorite music, podcasts, or audiobooks – the perfect recipe for unwinding. Touch Control: Switch between four different colored lights with a simple touch to create the perfect atmosphere, whether you're seeking a calming ambiance or a vibrant energy boost. Extended Battery Life: The high-capacity 2500mAh battery ensures hours of illumination and uninterrupted audio enjoyment. Multiple Charging Options: This versatile device comes with both USB-C and A ports for convenient charging using the included cable. Compact & Portable: This lightweight design makes it easy to place the speaker anywhere in your home, or even take it with you on the go. Choose Your Experience Full Package: The "White & Black - DIY" options includes everything you need to create your own personalized light and speaker. DIY: The "Only Glass & Glue - DIY" option provides the crystal glass and glue for those who already have a Bluetooth speaker and want to make another glass.  Features: Innovative 2-in-1 design: Crystal light and Bluetooth speaker combined for versatile functionality. Bluetooth connectivity: Easily pair with your devices for seamless music playback. USB-C and A ports: Convenient charging options, cable included for hassle-free charging. DIY Crystal Glass: Customize with various objects using provided glue for personalized decor. Easy to use: Simple touch controls for switching between four different colored lights. Long endurance: High-capacity 2500mAh battery ensures extended usage time. Compact and portable design for easy transport and placement in various settings. Multi-functional usage: Serve as a night light, decorative piece, and music player all in one device. User-friendly interface with intuitive controls for effortless operation. Technical Details: Battery capacity: 2500mAh Rated working voltage: 3.7v Rated power: 5W Rated input: 5v=1.5A Charging time: 4 hours Materials: Crystal glass, ABS, Electronic components, Resin. Speaker colors: White pearl, frosted black. Package list: Super Glue A, Super Glue B, Crystal Glass, Speaker lamp, USB cable. Design Option: DIY (Do it yourself) Manual Customization Light Source: Warm LED for ambient illumination. Bluetooth Link: Ensures HD sound quality for an immersive listening experience. Style Options: 3 options to choose from, "White & Black - DIY" is the full package, only color different. "Only Glass & Glue - DIY"  is just the crystal glass and the glue, Speaker is not included in this option. Important Information: Manual customization. Accessories and toys not included. Safety precautions: Keep glue away from children and pets, use gloves during glue mixing due to high adhesiveness. Formula (How to use the glue): Please follow the instructions provided in the "How to Customize" Section to insure your experience will be enjoyable and easy. Perfect for: Bedside tables Living rooms Home offices Relaxation corners Unique and personalized gifts Product Highlight:
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Custom Scannable Music Code Glass iPhone Cases with Picture - Spotify Phone cases Custom Scannable Music Code Glass iPhone Cases with Picture - Spotify Phone cases
Custom Scannable Music Code... $9.99 $18.00
Show Your Style, Amplify Your Tunes: The Custom Case  That Created Especially for You This isn't your average phone case - it's a statement piece with built-in security! this Glass Case lets you showcase your unique style with a custom photo, text, and even your favorite Spotify song's code. Be Creative Make it unique: Express yourself with photos, text, and your favorite song! This custom case offers complete protection while showcasing your style. Add a Personal Touch: Include a custom message or name to make it truly unique. Music on Demand: Choose your favorite song to turn your case into a personalized music player. The perfect gift for any occasion: Surprise your loved ones with a unique and luxurious present that combines personalized memories with their favorite music. Beyond The Design Unmatched Protection: The raised bumper edges shield your camera and screen from scratches and drops, while the all-inclusive design provides ultimate phone security. Flawless Functionality: Precision cutouts ensure seamless access to all ports, buttons, and the speaker. Plus, the thin, lightweight design complements your phone's natural elegance. Effortless Care: The smooth, glossy finish easily wipes clean, repelling fingerprints and sweat. Wireless charging: Charge your phone wirelessly without removing the case. Features: Raised bumper edge protects camera lens and screen from scratches Glossy finish Highly-responsive button covers and precision cutouts for all ports, buttons, speaker, and camera Thin, lightweight appearance preserves the phone's natural beauty Inner material provides gentle and exquisite protection Made of non-yellowing glass material, easy to clean All-inclusive anti-drop protection on the sides Resistant to fingerprints, sweat, scratches, and deformation UV printing process for clear patterns and bright colors Compatible with wireless charging without affecting functionality Technical Details: Material: Glass Anti-drop protection: All-inclusive Printing Process: UV printing Compatibility: iPhone Series Design: Custom Photo, Custom Text and Spotify Song Easy to clean and resistant to fingerprints and sweat Supports wireless charging without affecting functionality Perfect for: Personalized gifts Music lovers Phone protection
Personalized MacBook Case - Tech Accessories Personalized MacBook Case - Tech Accessories
Personalized MacBook Case $35.00
Design Your Vision, Protect Your Mac: Personalized MacBook CasesReady to give your MacBook a unique look? This all-around protective, yet ultra-thin case offers top-notch protection while maintaining its iconic slim profile. With a fully functional design, all ports remain easily accessible, so you can plug in your charger without any worries. Plus, thanks to its fully vented design, your computer will stay cool even during intense work sessions. So, go ahead, drop that amazing design, and enjoy your one-of-a-kind custom MacBook case! Here's Why It's The Perfect Case For Your MacBook: Be Creative: Go beyond generic and express yourself with stunning, personalized designs. Whether you want a photo collage, your favorite artwork, or a custom monogram, the possibilities are endless. All-Around Defense: The Durable materials safeguards your MacBook without adding bulk. You know already that Sandwiches always fall butter-side down, laptops don’t. All-around protection guarantees a safe landing in any situation.Slim Look: Bulky computers are the past. Future belongs to slim tech look. You won’t lose the futuristic feel with this case. Effortless Functionality: Design without functionality? No, thank you. All port are easily accessible. No need to worry about the charger not making it in time. Cool Under Pressure: Computers work hard and don’t like to be overheated. This design offers full potential to release the heat and remain cool. Preventing it from overheating during demanding tasks. Iconic Shine-Through: The Apple logo proudly peeks through the case, maintaining the signature MacBook look. Premium Quality, Exceptional Feel: Experience a case that looks and feels amazing. Keep the polished look forever! And Don’t worry – the surface will remain intact even if a tiger tries to use your laptop. Unwavering Stability: No sliding! That’s right! Superb stability is guaranteed with 4 rubber feet at the bottom. Your laptop will be stable as rock. Premium quality: Experience first class quality like never before. Flawless finishing, durability and exceptional feel will leave everyone amazed.Features: Custom-designed MacBook case for a unique look All-around protective yet ultra-thin design Fully functional with easily accessible ports Made from world-class plastic for durability Non-fade prints for long-lasting aesthetics 4 rubber feet for stability, preventing sliding Fully vented design to prevent overheating Iconic Apple logo shines through Premium quality with flawless finishing and exceptional feel Scratch-resistant surface for maintaining a polished look Slim profile for a futuristic tech aesthetic Technical Details: Material: World-class plastic Stability: 4 rubber feet at the bottom Ventilation: Fully vented design for heat dissipation Logo: Apple logo shines through the case Finish: Glossy, Scratch-resistant for long-term durability Print Technology: UV Printing Design: Any Design Color: Depend On Your Design Compatibility: Designed for MacBook models Perfect for: Individuals seeking a unique and customized MacBook case Those who prioritize both protection and aesthetics Users who require easy access to all ports MacBook owners looking to prevent overheating during use Anyone who values premium quality and durability in their tech accessories